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Spoken Word Poetry

Poetry can be powerful. Here is a woman who has a passion for storytelling through spoken word poetry. She speaks right to some place inside. Take a few minutes to listen and be inspired, or awed, or both. To hear Sarah Kay’s gift, click here. I for one will never look at poetry the same way again.

The Hidden Side of Language

Body language – it’s the stuff the makes up around 80% of our communication. To read a comprehensive article on the topic, check out this link to

Culture influencing language

An interesting take from Finnish linguists on how culture influences language.

Telling them apart – cultural differences in Asia

If you haven’t been to various countries in a region, you may be forgiven for thinking that they are all the same. Some “westerners” have the impression that Asians can be lumped together because they can’t tell them apart. This is due to lack of exposure. But that is fast changing. The truth is, there are huge differences from one Asian country to another, and even more differences between provinces, cities, internal ethnic groups… and the list goes on. The Los Angeles Times ran an article last week called “Without Words, Speaking Several Languages”. Min Byoung-chul, a professor at Konkuk University in South Korea is researching the differences among Asian social customs.

“Technology’s Language Barriers”

I just came across a short article in Forbes titled “Technology’s Language Barriers”. It focuses on how we need to increase our cross-cultural communication skills in a world that, thanks to technology innovation, is an ever shrinking world one.