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The Accidental Writer

I want to be a writer. Don’t you? Perhaps you already are one, and don’t even realize it. I’ve decided that I’m a writer. I LOVE to write. I write constantly. I actually LOVE the act of writing. I love holding a pen, creating words with ink on paper, typing letters on a screen that become a message to a friend across the oceans. I love that I can take what is in my head and record it forever, or change and mold it a thousand times.

I just returned from the FIGT conference in Texas where probably a third of the 200 participants were writers or wanted to be. Those who were published writers weren’t necessarily famous outside their field. But it didn’t matter. What I discovered was this strange human fascination with writing; with telling a story.

CCC Certified!

I am now a proud licensee of the Crossing Cultures with Competence train-the-trainer course conducted by Anne Copeland the Interchange Institute.