Spoken Word Poetry

I have to admit that I’m not much of a poetry fan. I read it in high school and probably college, and though I loved the cadence and rhymes of many poets, I could never be bothered with a poetry book after that. But recently, two things happened. First, I noticed that everybody is talking about storytelling, and I’ve watched several performing their spoken art. I am always fascinated and beguiled by the way they weave spoken and body language to transport me-the audience- to the time and space they’re describing. Storytelling is becoming an important business tool. Second, I decided to finally join Toastmasters, a goal I’ve had for oh- years. Since I was old enough to understand what it was and to know that I needed help in using my voice in public. The key to a good speech, I’ve learned, lies in storytelling. I see it over and over again when I attend conferences and seminars. The best speakers are the ones that tell stories. And here is a woman who has a passion for storytelling through spoken word poetry. She speaks right to some place inside. Take a few minutes to listen and be inspired, or awed, or both. To hear Sarah Kay’s gift, click here. I for one will never look at poetry the same way again. Maybe it’s time to dust off those old tomes I still have from high school.

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