Expat childhood from a Brazilian perspective

I had the pleasure of meeting Simone T. Costa Eriksson at the FIGT conference. Her name alone was too interesting to ignore. How did this Brazilian woman end up with a Swedish name? She came into the pre-conference session “Cross-cultural Coaching: Tools for Successful Cultural Adjustments“, carrying a colorfully illustrated box. I later found out that is the tool she uses to explain the concepts in her newly published book The Mission of Detective Mike: Moving Abroad which was written in honor of and because of her children, both TCKs. Simone is passionate about childrens’ experiences abroad and gave a talk entitled “The Impact of Expatriation on Children”.  She is a psychologist, MBA and coach working with expat families,  international schools and multinational companies. She lives in Campinas, Brazil, with her Swedish husband, hence the name Eriksson. We had some interesting discussions on cross-cultural marriages, which we both share.  Looking at her website/blog the other day, I spotted a fun memory of our time together with “Isabelle” Dongsook Min from Korea. Now I look forward to meeting Simone in Sweden the next time she visits. The good thing with us expat and international types is that we can just as easily meet in Seoul as in Campinas or Houston or Oslo or anywhere else in the world.

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