Educating Global Nomads blogs about FIGT

Since attending the FIGT conference, I have been connecting online with several of those I met. I have found and am following several inspiring blogs, including Rebecca Grappo’s at There was so much that came out of the conference that I can’t possibly cover more than a fraction. Her observations fill in some of the spaces that my notes and memory missed and they touch on some important topics; namely how to build a close expat family and advice for couples separated by assignments. Both were inspired by the plenary session entitled “Encouraging the Courage of Children” with Dr. and Mrs. Ivany. They discussed their long marriage, their four children and his 34 year-career in the US Army with warmth and humor. They peppered their talk with detailed anecdotes of their experiences defined by retired General Ivany’s continuous overseas deployments while serving his country. Be sure to read their insights and advice on Rebecca’s blog!

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