When it comes to language and communication, Culture&Moore gets it. We see the importance of language both on a strategic, operational and an interpersonal level. Language should be an inherent part of any strategy, whether individual or organizational. Language is a key element of communication, acting as a bridge between people. In business, language proficiency drives communications, perception, marketing and branding.

In today’s shrinking world, good communication is crucial. A small world doesn’t mean that we communicate better, but that we come into contact with other cultures faster and more often. A globalized world amplifies our cultural differences and highlights the need for strong language skills.

Culture&Moore will evaluate your language competencies and the profile of you or your organization. We will pinpoint deficiencies and highlight areas of improvement, and in turn architect a strategic language competency program for you or your organization.

Culture&Moore provides services that run the language gamut, from language learning, to translation, interpretation and writing. Culture&Moore helps global businesses and their employees communicate more effectively across cultures.