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Fun, Fascinating and Familiar – FIGT

The first day of the FIGT conference was almost overwhelming. I had a bit of reverse culture shock coming to the US from Norway and getting used to anyone and everyone engaging me in conversations. I was surprised at what deep impressions Norwegian culture has already had on my behavior. But it felt good to be in a friendly and open environment again. I realized that those you meet at FIGT really are a bit like family. Many of the experiences of the conference were very personal. The discussions we had delved into our own experiences as expats and TCKs and I found myself getting emotional and choked up on more than one occasion. It was like reading Third Culture Kids – Growing Up Among Worlds for the first time and thinking “oh my gosh, that’s me!”

FIGT Conference

I just returned from the FIGT conference in Houston. I attended because I wanted to find out what was happening in the US in regards to expats and cross-cultural issues. The US market is so advanced and specialized and I knew that I would learn a lot that I could bring back with me to Norway. I was expecting three full days of networking, learning and inspiration. I got all that and more.

CCC Certified!

I am now a proud licensee of the Crossing Cultures with Competence train-the-trainer course conducted by Anne Copeland the Interchange Institute.

“Technology’s Language Barriers”

I just came across a short article in Forbes titled “Technology’s Language Barriers”. It focuses on how we need to increase our cross-cultural communication skills in a world that, thanks to technology innovation, is an ever shrinking world one.

Culture in the doctor’s office

“Bridging the Culture Gap” may surprise some by its suggestion that cross-cultural sensitivity and skills can affect your health. It offers a closer look at doctor-patient relationships from a cross-cultural point of view. While the article makes references to cases in the US, these situations can just as easily be found here in Norway. I [...]

Endangered languages!

How can it be that a culture and a language can become extinct? In these times when we are able to record everything that takes place or is said anywhere, how can a people die out? And what is meant by extinction? If a recording is left, can’t that language be brought back to life? [...]

Article Competition Win!

I submitted an article to AIPBW‘s writing competition and won! The theme was “anything you find interesting that relates to business and/or professional life”. The title is “Culture Bound”. You can either find a link to the article on the middle of this page or simply download the article as a PDF here.

What are you Zinking about?

This is one of my favorite communications videos. While communication errors rarely result in a life or death situation, the video does illustrate quite well the impact of miss-communication of just a single word. Now, imagine the potential of an ongoing dialog…

Upcoming Article Competition

I’ve decided to add even more to my plate and enter the Transitions Abroad writing competition.I only found out about it yesterday, even though entries have been accepted since April of last year. So, I’m looking at just 7 days to go until submission deadline. I might be a little crazy, but why not just [...]

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